UPS SmartSavings Marketplace

A UPS Employee Portal: Are you a UPS employee? Enjoy amazing discounts on thousands of brands you love on the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace. Find incredible deals across travel, electronics, fitness, entertainment & many more categories. Logged into & used the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace before.

UPS Employees Discounts and Savings

To avail of the discounts and get the benefit of an employee, the user must be registered in this portal. After registering, the user will be given a specific password and user ID to log in. The user must also agree to the terms and conditions before registering as a user.

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The employees to be eligible for their discounts, they must get the benefit for the purpose of their performance. They can have multiple and various options to save their budget as these discounts will be beneficial for them. Being postal service companies, they get huge discounts on shipping services.

Questions about your UPS Smart Savings Marketplace? 

1) What is the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace?

The UPS SmartSavings Marketplace is an employee discount portal where UPS employees can find additional savings on many products and services, including cell phone plans, entertainment, vacations, and even auto insurance.

2) Who is the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace for?

The UPS SmartSavings Marketplace is only meant for use by UPS employees.

3) Can my friends and family use the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace?

No, but UPS employees can use the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace to make purchases on behalf of their friends and family.

4) How does the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace work?

The UPS SmartSavings Marketplace is an employee discount portal for UPS employees. It showcases thousands of discounts and special offers for UPS employees on products or services from popular national and local brands. Some of the deals may be negotiated by UPS exclusively for UPS employees.

5) How much can I save through the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace?

On average, a UPS employee can save over $4,900 per year! Some of the most popular offers include savings of up to 50 percent off hotels, up to 40 percent off movie theater and other entertainment tickets, savings on car and home insurance, and savings of an average of $3,383 off MSRP on a new car.

6) What kind of deals is available on the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace?

The UPS SmartSavings Marketplace currently has several travel deals, including exclusive offers on theme park tickets nationwide and steep discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more.

7) How do I claim a deal on the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace?

You can access the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace to find all the current deals for UPS employees. To access a particular discount, click "Get Deal."

8) How often do deals change in the UPS SmartSavings Marketplace?

Frequently! The best way to take advantage is to log in to the UPS  SmartSavings Marketplace portal regularly.