UPS Tracking and Shipping and Parcels , Tracking Status

Here, you can follow your UPS packages. To check the status of shipments, enter your UPS tracking number. You can monitor shipment, mail, and parcel real-time tracking data with this tracking widget. Additionally, the UPS ground and UPS freight tracking links are provided below.


How do I keep track of UPS shipping and parcels?

That can mostly be done using official methods. Also, we don't recommend going any further than these methods because these suggestions for tracking are legitimate and safer than any other resources.

Check UPS.Com via email and SMS notifications from the shipper's website UPS Tracking App from the App store and third-party official websites like ours or, among others.

Track Here

Enter up to 25 tracking numbers, one per line.

1 of 25 tracking numbers entered.

How do I check UPS.Com's status?

When a package arrives through UPS, we always recommend that you monitor its status as much as possible on

Prepare your Tracking number by going to which can be found in the order details, text messages, or email notifications.

Enter your individual UPS tracking number in the link navigation, such as

How do I track UPS packages if I don't have the tracking number [Reference Number]?

You can track without a tracking number, that's true. To do that, you need a Reference Number. In order to provide additional security, UPS is changing the way the reference number tracking results are displayed:

With only basic reference number tracking information available, most tracking details will be hidden.

The full tracking details will be visible to senders who have saved the shipment's account number as a payment method in their profile or in their company profile.

How does the UPS tracking number look [UPS Tracking Number Formats]?

Additionally, UPS will monitor the following kinds of seven- to twenty-character tracking numbers:

Information about the UPS Tracking number can be found here: Delivery Order/Sub-PRO Number: Child shipment tracking numbers for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) House Air Waybill: used to transport air freight House Bill of Lading: used to move freight across the ocean PRO Number: used to transport surface freight UPS InfoNotice: a 12-digit reference number in a bar-coded notice given on the first attempt at delivery in some countries UPS Service Notice: a notification sent out on the first attempt at delivery in some countries UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Numbers: The three parts of this indicator are as follows:

A UPS Mail Innovations indicator is MI. XXXXX is a unique six-digit UPS Mail Innovations customer number. Use only letters and numbers without spaces or symbols. For at least six months, you should not use the same ID for any other mail.

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